We specialise in community consultation and participatory approaches when designing solutions for sustainable arid communities and landscapes.


We have extensive experience working with Indigenous communities in Central Australia and a strong track record of running consultations, design sessions, project planning and evaluations in cross cultural settings.

We provide project management and consulting services to Indigenous Corporations, oversee landscape design and construction for remote and urban locations, engage remote communities in long term planning and deliver results in on-ground conservation, land management, horticulture and landscaping.

Our clients include government bodies, utility companies, Indigenous corporations, schools, not for profit organisations, local businesses, construction firms and private clients.

Our services include:

Community consultation

We are experienced in participatory community planning and participatory action research. Our informed approach puts local communities in the lead.

Climate vulnerability and assessment planning

We can assist remote communities to undertake a participatory, climate vulnerability assessment to meet the challenge of climate change.


Community Masterplanning to provide design solutions for remote and urban locations to meet a number of social and environmental needs. Consultation activities include participatory mapping, participatory visioning/planning, site investigations and interviews.

Our work