Arid Edge’s landscape designers create thoughtful, innovative landscape design. Our arid-specific approach prioritises water efficiency and sustainability.

Careful design is crucial to the success of landscaping and food gardens in the harsh arid climate of Central Australia. At Arid Edge Environmental Services, we draw on our skills and experience in dry lands horticulture and permaculture to create beautiful, functional native and edible gardens with low watering needs suitable for dry climates.

We employ a wide range of traditional and innovative, arid-appropriate design approaches. For school clients, we create engaging, durable and child-friendly landscaped play spaces and designs that engage students to interact with and have connection to the landscape.

Since 2013, we have provided landscape design, landscape master plans and planting design and horticulture services to commercial and residential clients across Alice Springs and remote central Australia.

Landscape design

We offer residential and commercial landscape designs for landscape projects of all types, specialising in water efficient irrigation and arid zone and dry tropic solutions.

Landscape master planning

We create a long term, region appropriate master plans for environmental sustainability and responding to the expressed needs of our clients.

Food garden design

Planting design and horticulture services for drought tolerant, food producing gardens for residential, community gardens and small-medium horticulture production.

Our work