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Amern Mwerr Nanyem Pip-Antem (Good Tucker Cooking Stories)

The Amern Mwerr Cooking Stories book was created as part of the broader PHN funded Amern Mwerr Project in Utopia. Using a Healthy Living NT grant from Bill Raby’s Diabetes Foundation the team were able to produce a colourful resource showcasing the fruit and vegetable garden, cooking and narratives from the Utopia Homelands. This project saw a successful co-authoring process between AEES and Utopia community members to produce a culturally appropriate nutrition resource and cookbook. Language workshops occurred to develop content in both English and local languages.

The cooking stories book is a collection of favourite recipes from the Amern Mwerr Project and includes stories to accompany them. The book also includes key nutritional messages from the Utopia Homelands.

On completion of the book in April 2019 a big community launch BBQ was held to celebrate and disperse the book.  Community elders spoke briefly about their involvement in the project, a local band played, and three recipes form the book were cooked up on the BBQ for all to eat. The event was attended to by the local school and students, and many other organisations in Utopia.

The cookbook was a great opportunity to consolidate all of the work completed in the Amern Mwerr nutrition program and to create a lasting resource for the community and other nutrition workers.

The Moreton family displaying their new cookbooks
The Moreton family displaying their new cookbooks
Did you know ‘Amern Mwerr’ translates to Good Food? Here are some other food-related Alyawarr words from our Utopia Homelands Garden cookbook.