Utopia Homelands Good Food Project

The ‘Merne Murde’ (Good Food) Utopia Homelands Gardens Project, managed by Utopia Horticulture Projects Officer Hilton Chilvers continues to be a flagship project for Arid Edge.

The project supports 13 gardens across 10 homelands, and evidence is growing of the impact the project is having on peoples access to fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy eating habits.

The partnerships with My Pathway, Urapuntja Corporation and Primary Health Network (PHN) remain key, and prospects for continuation and expansion are strong.

Fresh fruit and veggies are being produced and harvested in the gardens across the Utopia Homelands and cook ups are happening on a regular basis.

A new cohort of gardeners are getting involved as many of our regular gardeners from 2015-16 are starting to find employment and training opportunities, showing that not only is the project supporting access to fresh fruit and vegetables in the homelands but is also contributing to building work experience and job readiness for those involved.

Arid Edge Environmental Services employ a dietician and nutritionist to work with communities to help establish the gardens and learn how to cook with seasonal produce for their meals.

For more information download the Murne Merde Utopia Food Gardens Flyer

ABC Radio article: Small scale farming in remote Indigenous communities continues despite the loss of direct government funding
(9 September 2015)

Merne Murde (Good Food) Project Partners:

My Pathways (RJCP Provider)

Primary Health Network (PHN)

Health Network NT