Arid Edge Environmental Services

Our services

Horticulture, landscaping and land management – project design, management and implementation for urban and remote communities.

Energy, water and waste efficiency consulting for businesses, schools, community groups and homes, including auditing, cost benefit analysis, advice and project management of retrofits.

Waste management and composting consulting services for small, medium and large enterprises, including advice, training, systems development and small equipment hire.

Nationally VET accredited training in the following areas:

  • Irrigation
  • Propagation, re-vegetation and plant establishment
  • Pest & weed management

Non-accredited training courses (short and long training packages) [link to Training Summry doc] tailored to client needs in the

following areas:

  • Horticulture, Land Management and Permaculture
  • Water efficiency and irrigation
  • Waste management and composting
  • Energy efficiency

Project management, design and evaluation in the areas of environmental sustainability, market based sustainable livelihoods, behavior change programs, climate change adaptation and sustainable horticulture.

Community development and consultation services, specializing in participatory approaches to group facilitation and community consultation, particularly in cross cultural settings.

Landscaping and design services for homes, businesses and schools, specializing in water efficient landscapes and species selection, and drought tolerant food producing gardens appropriate to the arid zone and dry tropics.