About Arid Edge Environmental Services

Our work

Arid Edge provides consulting services both nationally across the arid zone and dry tropics of Australia and internationally.

Our clients include government bodies, utility companies, Indigenous Corporations, private and public schools, not for profit organisations and businesses.

We have provided project management and consulting services to Indigenous Corporations, have been contracted to oversee the implementation of the groundbreaking “Roadmap to a desertSMART Town (2013-18)” and have recently been funded by the NT government to establish commercial composting services in Alice Springs, NT.

Our values

Arid Edge works through a social enterprise model that engages partners on a commercial level as well as through a strong community development framework, and seeks where appropriate to use market based approaches and profit motive as an engine for positive environmental and social outcomes.

Arid Edge Environmental Services is a trading name of the Arid Lands Environment Centre Pty. Ltd. and shares it’s vision of “healthy futures for arid lands and people”.

Santa Teresa Orchard Irrigation project

 Arid Egde 2016/17

2016/17 has been a successful year for Arid Edge, with the team consolidating staff numbers and skill base, and delivering on larger contracts.

The ‘Merne Murde’ (Good Food) Utopia Homelands Gardens Project, managed by Utopia Horticulture Projects Officer Hilton Chilvers continues to be a flagship project for Arid Edge. The project supports 13 gardens across 10 homelands, and evidence is growing of the impact the project is having on peoples access to fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy eating habits.

The landscaping team has grown rapidly this year in size and capacity. Ra Sim has joined Sunil Dhanji and Simon Hopper on the team adding significant landscape design and drafting capacity. This year the team has delivered on its first major landscape construction contract – the Larapinta Childcare Centre with MPH – as well as its first major landscape design contract, working with Sue Dugdale Architects on the Braitling School Stage 2 landscape design.

Arid Edge has also forged a successful partnership with Tasmanian track maintenance specialist John ‘Snapper’ Hughes, leading to significant contracts worth over $290,00 undertaking track maintenance on the Larapinta Trail. After one successful year, this could become an annual feature in the AEES calendar, and may also lead to further work maintaining mountain bike trails around Alice Springs.

The Work for the Dole at the Alice Springs Garden lead by Ben Wall also continues to be a real success. At the end of its second project, the gardens are looking fantastic, with solar panels ready for connection, a meeting areas, potting sheds, retaining walls and art in abundance. The Department of Employment recognises this as one of it’s more successful projects nationally, with the project providing great community outcomes for the garden’s members and at least 3 participants going on to gain employment with Arid Edge’s landscape and track work teams.

Past projects

Santa Teresa Orchard Rehabilitation and Development

Utopia Homelands Merne Murde (Good Food) Project

Tjuntjuntjara Women’s Centre

Water efficient landscaping